Sparta Philharmonic

Sparta Philharmonic is quickly earning a reputation for their ferocious live performances and diehard DIY aesthetic. They have shared the stage with many noteworthy acts, including: Hella, The Deathset, Matt and Kim, Japanther, Pilot To Gunner, The Dirty Projectors, Pattern Is Movement, Rasputina, Man Man, and Silverstein. They have self-released one EP and one full-length record, booked their own tours, arranged their own online and physical distribution, and have secured a dedicated regional following in the process.

Their 2006 full-length, Paper-Mache Mountains, inspired especially exuberant reactions from both fans and critics alike. Baltimore’s The Quindecim noted: “Often, great live bands can't translate their onstage prowess to the studio. [But] "Mountains" is a breakthrough in every sense… Both brothers say they're "utterly perfectionists" in the studio. It shows.” Razorcake called it “thrilling”, and Blogcritics.org raved: “It’s not my cup of tea… and yet I find myself constantly refilling my cup… Paper-Mache-Mountains took my words, my preconceptions of music, and my insecurities on a dizzying ride and I’m still a bit unsteady on my feet from all the jumping about and dancing for joy that my eardrums were doing.”

In 2007, Sparta Philharmonic appeared on the Boston cable television program “Dead Air Live” for a feature-length performance which went on to earn a nomination for “Best Musical/ Performance Show” of 2007. In addition, Sparta Philharmonic has garnered praise for their work in the modern dance community, particularly for their 2007 and 2008 collaborations with acclaimed New York-based choreographer/ performance artist/ activist Mathew Heggem and internationally renowned choreographer Adrienne Clancy of ClancyWorks dance company.

Sparta Philharmonic found time amidst a busy performance schedule to teach themselves the ins and outs of analog recording and build their own studio. They have since completed a second full-length LP titled (trans)migratory birds, which was released on October 19, 2010 and toured extensively throughout the US in support of it. 

Alexander Bortnichak -Drums, Percussion & Effects

Gregory Bortnichak -Guitar, Cello & Vocals

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