Teach Me Equals

When Erin Murphy and Greg Bortnichak first met they were each fronting their own bands, but developed an instantaneous magnetism to one another’s style of writing which was, surprisingly vastly different considering the level of cohesion Teach Me Equals has achieved with their late 2014 release, “Knives In The Hope Chest”. It wasn’t long before that pull, as gravity always does, won. They threw caution to the wind, living states apart and fronting their own individual projects at the time, and began writing together as a duet acoustically. It only takes a few seconds of this record to see how far that chemistry has been allowed to evolve. Landscape inspiring textures feel pulled directly out of the void and through their instruments. Everything about this record feels deep and dark and ancient, from the interplay between their equally unique vocal qualities, to the low-fi scraping of cello and violin bows across reluctant relics and eager pedal rigs. Murphy’s romantically nostalgic narrative lyrical quality combines seamlessly with the bad-acid-bob-dylan abstractness that seems to come naturally for Bortnichak. The two recorded the album themselves on a reel-to-reel bringing an overall warmth that complements their self-given “scrape-rock” genre stamp, which currently sits next to my stamp of emphatic approval. Here’s to holding these two up to their promise of “More Where That Came From”.

Erin Murphy -guitar, vocals, violin, etc. 
Greg Bortnichak -cello, vocals, loops.

"Between the unconventional instrumentation and angular compositions their music sounds like musique concrète run through the ’90s Pacific Northwest experimental hardcore scene." - Entertainment Weekly

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